Testnet-2 launch announcement


Exciting news for the Pactus Community: Testnet-2 is has launched! The journey through Testnet-1 brought success and invaluable experiences, with over 500 validators joining the network. Despite its noteworthy achievements, it also faced challenges that led to a tough decision: to pause the Testnet and thoroughly address these issues. After two months of dedicated work and testing, many problems have been resolved, and we feel confident launching the Testnet again. Testnet-2 comes with substantial improvements compared to its predecessor by enhancing the core of the Pactus Blockchain. Notably, the new consensus mechanism and improved overall network performance.

At this point, we want to assure the Pactus community that this version of the Testnet will not stop until the mainnet launches, and our main focus is on improving its overall performance and launching the Mainnet.

If you’re new to the concept of Testnet, check out our informative post: What is the Testnet?

Key Focus Areas

Testnet-2 has important tasks ahead. Firstly, we aim to confirm that the new consensus mechanism is both safe and efficient. A close eye will be kept on the network’s performance, ensuring it operates as expected. For Testnet-2, the committee size has been expanded to 51 members. Both the committee’s performance and block production will be closely monitored. The goal is a blockchain that remains stable and trustworthy, even with thousands of validators in the network, ensuring it manages its regular duties seamlessly.

How To Join

Want to join the Testnet-2? Great! It’s super easy. Just download the latest Pactus software and you’re good to go. no fancy setups or special gear needed. You can run the software straight from your personal computer or laptop. Need some test coins? Pop over to our Discord channel and share your validator address there.

Benefits for Participation

By taking part in the Testnet, users can familiarize themselves with the Pactus blockchain and be well-prepared for the Mainnet launch. Testnet participants will also receive higher priority during the Mainnet launch and get free coins for initial staking on the Mainnet.

Your Feedback Matters

User feedback plays a vital role in the improvement of the Pactus blockchain. Share your thoughts and experiences to contribute to the enhancement of future software versions.