Download Pactus

On this page you can find how to download and get the latest version of the Pactus software.

🏗️ Compile from Source Code

Project Pactus is distributed as open source software, so the preferred way for installing it is to clone the source code from the github repository and compile the source code.

Instructions for compiling Pactus is provided on the install page.

⬇️ Download stable releases

You can also download the latest stable releases of Pactus. These releases are updated automatically when a new version is tagged in GitHub repository.

Pactus Graphical User Interface (GUI)

You can run Pactus in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode and it is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Pactus GUI - Main Window

File name Kind OS Arch
pactus-gui_0.9.1_darwin_amd64.dmg DMG macOS 64-bit
pactus-gui_0.9.1_darwin_amd64.tar.gz Archive macOS 64-bit
pactus-gui_0.9.1_linux_amd64.tar.gz Archive Linux 64-bit Archive Windows 64-bit
pactus-gui_0.9.1_windows_amd64_installer.exe Installer Windows 64-bit


Be aware that the precompiled binaries are not shipped with any code signing certificate. Most probability in Windows and MacOS the downloaded binaries are detected as harmful or malware software.

Running the node (GUI)

If you are running Pactus for the first time, there is an assistant page that help you to initialize your node. After initializing the working directory, you can run the node and start syncing with the testnet.

Pactus Command Line Interface (CLI)

Advanced user can run Pactus in Command Line Interface (CLI) mode.

Pactus GUI - Main Window

File name OS Arch
pactus-cli_0.9.1_android_arm64.tar.gz Android ARM64
pactus-cli_0.9.1_darwin_amd64.tar.gz macOS 6d-bit
pactus-cli_0.9.1_darwin_arm64.tar.gz macOS ARM64
pactus-cli_0.9.1_freebsd_amd64.tar.gz FreeBSD 6d-bit
pactus-cli_0.9.1_freebsd_arm.tar.gz FreeBSD ARM
pactus-cli_0.9.1_linux_amd64.tar.gz Linux 6d-bit
pactus-cli_0.9.1_linux_arm64.tar.gz Linux ARM64 Windows 32-bit Windows 6d-bit

Initializing the node

First you need to create a working directory for your validator. A working directory is a place where you save blockchain data, config and key files.

pactus-daemon.exe init -w c:\pactus --testnet

This command creates a working directory for the testnet at c:\pactus.

./pactus-daemon init -w ~/pactus --testnet

This command creates a working working directory for the testnet at ~/pactus.

./pactus-daemon init -w ~/pactus --testnet

This command creates a working working directory for the testnet at ~/pactus.

Working directory contains:

  • Default wallet
  • Genesis file
  • Config file

Feel free to take a look at these files.

Running the node (CLI)

Now you can start the node and sync with the testnet. This may take several hours: First, open the command line interface in your computer. Then:

pactus-daemon.exe start -w c:\pactus
./pactus-daemon start -w ~/pactus
./pactus-daemon start -w ~/pactus

🐳 Docker container

Advanced user can get the Pactus docker image from docker hub.