What is Pactus?

Pactus is a blockchain focused on decentralization

Pactus is built on the principle that a fair and transparent system can only be achieved through decentralization. Unlike many other blockchain platforms, Pactus aims to eliminate the potential for centralization and manipulation by removing the need for delegation and miners. This allows anyone to become a part of the ecosystem and ensures that the platform remains truly decentralized.

Pactus is a user-friendly blockchain

Pactus aims to create a user-friendly blockchain that can be easily used by anyone, not just tech experts. Our protocol is designed to be simple, easy to maintain, and develop. Pactus offers a simple GUI application that makes it easy for users to run a node.

Pactus uses a percentage-based fee model

Transaction fees are calculated based on a percentage model with a minimum and maximum fee. These parameters provide greater control over the fee structure and prevent overpaying or underpaying. The percentage-based model ensures fairness and predictability, and can be adjusted through consensus among all validators.

Dedicated Decentralized Storage in Pactus

In Pactus, users can purchase a dedicated storage file that can be renewed annually, leading to reduced costs for storage and smart contract execution. This unique feature can pave the way for a new protocols in the decentralized platforms.