Pactus - a real Proof-of-Stake blockchain
Welcome to Pactus
Pactus is a community-run blockchain technology with a revolutionary, secure, Solid State Proof of Stake Consensus. Come join us and build a decentralized future together!

Get started

To start your Pactus journey, you will need to download the latest software. Pactus is designed to be lightweight and user-friendly, offering support for all operating systems and infrastructures with our GUI and CLI applications.
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<br> Get PAC


Before you can utilize all that Pactus has to offer, you will need to obtain our native coin. PAC is a currency that can be exchanged for products, services and other currencies with a percentage fee based model of 0.01% per tx.

Become a validator

You can become a Pactus validator by staking some coins to your node. As a Pactus validator you will earn rewards, these are given for collecting valid transactions and creating new blocks. The emission is one coin per block.
<br> Become a validator
<br> Make Pactus better

Make Pactus better

There are many ways you can support Pactus and help it grow, from being a valuable community member and sharing with your friends to contributing to our core development. Let's work together to make Pactus even better!

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