What is a Testnet?

Mainnet vs Testnet?

If you have ever wondered what Testnet is and how it is different from Mainnet, read this article to the end to find out!

Mainnet and Testnet are two widely used terminologies in the Blockchain ecosystem; so it is important to understand the meaning and differences while working in the industry or following announcements of the Blockchain projects like Pactus.

Here’s a quick explanation: Before the actual live version of a Blockchain network that is used for real transactions, functions and smart-contracts (which is referred as Mainnet), there is a test version of the Blockchain network for testing purposes (which is referred as Testnet). In Testnet, a safe environment is provided to help developers experiment and test their applications, and make sure that everything functions smoothly in the Mainnet version.


A Testnet is a simulation of a Blockchain, in which developers can test all the functionalities of their Blockchain network without risking their assets and convenience of end-users. Using Testnet, any possible error, bug or malfunctions can be fixed before the Mainnet launch. Testnet also can be an experimental environment for new features, updates and upgrades. So several Testnet networks of the same version or newer version of the Mainnet can be implemented on the roadmap.

What are use cases of Testnet?

A secure environment to test development ideas and updates. So many features and minor details in Pactus project have been successfully developed so far using the Testnet; such as:

  • extra details and information on Pactus-GUI;
  • well-functioning Pactus Blockchain explorer to access transactions and block details;
  • Upgrades that led to decreasing the size of the Pactus network

Providing a safe testing ground for resolve scalability and security problems, as well as decentralization issues. Pactus network is also a secure and purely decentralized network. However in the last updates during the Testnet, developers are now able to decrease the database size by approximately 10% without compromising performance. They did it by utilizing block height instead of hash to store blocks within the database. (you can find out more here).

Testing new versions, patches and features on Testnet. it is vital for enhancing the security, load testing, Blockchain migration, integration tests, and etc. This is why you can now use the latest version of Pactus-GUI that works like clockwork and is extremely secure.

Testing the functions of cryptocurrency without disrupting the Mainnet. In the Testnet of Pactus Blockchain, you as a user or validator can use all the features to send, receive, bond or unbond your assets in the Pactus-GUI.

Development and simulation of smart contract features and DApps. Note that many Blockchain projects like Pactus, can be used as smart-contract platforms. So the Testnet can be designed in different stages to test and improve different applications of the network.

Please note that after a certain period of time, when developers get satisfied with the functionality and debugging process, they launch Mainnet. Mainnet has its own independent genesis blocks; so the assets and addresses that users use in Testnet are not valid inside the new Mainnet Blockchain anymore. In fact the whole Blockchain network starts working from the scratch and users and validators start to work with real coins and transactions instead of the simulated ones. But since Testnet has an important effect on the health and improvement of the network, in Pactus Blockchain, we have several advantages for the people who join the Testnet.

Why should you join the Testnet?

There are different contributors in a Blockchain network; Some people are developers and programmers that use the Testnet to contribute, enhance and lead the project to a better future. Testnet is actually vital for them to perform their changes and try their innovations and ideas.

But you might also be an end user; you might want to either be a validator and stake your assets to earn more Pactus coins, or you might want to learn how to use the network for future personal applications. Either way, you might find it handy to give it a try and be familiar with Pactus-GUI and its different features.

However, there is another advantage for end users who join the Testnet. While using the network, running a node or testing the Pactus-GUI in Testnet period, you are contributing to the community to find improvement potentials, that’s why there are more advantages contemplated for the Testnet users; Soon our Mainnet will be launched and also Pactus network will be announced and listed in well-known exchanges. As an early contributor, you will have the advantage of getting some extra initial coins at the beginning of Mainnet launch. So that you can use it to run a validator node and earn more from staking your assets. This airdrop is considered for every individual who installs Pactus-GUI and starts a node in Testnet.

There are other positive conditions you may experience as an early contributor.

  • Advanced and very responsive support for your issues (we dedicate more time to provide you with solutions)
  • Embracing your suggestions, improvement ideas, needs and information you may require to have a better user experience.