Pactus 1.1.0 (Hanoi) Released


Pactus Blockchain Version 1.1.0 (Hanoi) is now available for download. This release includes the following applications:

  • Pactus GUI: The graphical user interface (GUI) for the Pactus node that is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

  • Pactus Daemon: The command-line interface (CLI) for the Pactus node that is suitable for experienced users.

  • Pactus Shell: The command-line tool that allows users to interact with a Pactus node.

  • Pactus Wallet: The wallet software that allows users to manage their wallet and send transactions without the need to sync the entire blockchain.

This release is named after the city of Hanoi, and it was unanimously selected by the Pactus community.

Pactus Version 1.1.0 (Hanoi)


This update brings some changes that are not compatible with the earlier version. Here are the key points:

  1. Fee calculations are now rounded, and fees can be accepted within a range of one NanaoPAC (see #1174).
  2. Small bonds for existing validators are now accepted (see #1152).

Validators must update their nodes to this version as soon as possible.

Other major changes in this version include:

  • The addition of a JSON-RPC endpoint required by third parties like exchanges to connect to Pactus nodes.
  • The implementation of Pactus Shell tools, allowing users to query the node.

Additionally, this version improves the syncing process for new nodes, enhances the GUI, and addresses several issues.


To start using Pactus blockchain, download the latest version from the download page and join the Mainnet.

How to Upgrade

If you are running an older version, close it first. Then uninstall the previous version and install the newer version. If you are using the archived version, simply replace it with the new version .

Change log

This version includes several changes and improvements, such as:


  • gRPC: add get address history method (#1206)
  • grpc: Add GetNewAddress/GetTotalBalance endpoint to gateway (#1197)
  • GUI: adding total balance to wallet widget (#1194)
  • Add GetNewAddress gRPC API (#1193)
  • gRPC: add new API to get the total balance of wallet (#1190)
  • GUI: showing transaction hash after broadcasting transaction (#1187)
  • add jsonrpc gateway support (#1183)
  • config: one reward address in config for all validators (#1178)
  • GUI: memo field for transactions on GUI wallet (#1182)
  • implement basic auth for pactus shell (#1177)
  • grpc: add rust code gen for proto (#1151)
  • testnet: define permanent Testent genesis (#1173)
  • add basic auth authentication for securing grpc (#1162)
  • grpc: calculate fee for create-raw-transaction APIs (#1159)
  • grpc: add fixed-amount to calc-fee API (#1146)
  • wallet: adding all account address functions (#1128)
  • grpc: update swagger API to version 1.1 (#1106)
  • GUI: adding availability score in wallet (#1118)
  • logger: adding log target (#1122)
  • logger: adding file_only option (#1117)
  • gui: add connections and moniker fields to main windows (#1090)
  • implementation for PIP-22 (#1067)
  • generate documentation for proto files (#1064)
  • pactus-ctl (#946)


  • gRPC: add basic auth option in header (#1217)
  • gRPC: not return block data on information verbosity (#1212)
  • wallet: fix wallet conn issue (#1211)
  • GUI: update total balance on wallet timeout (#1204)
  • accept small bond to existing validator (#1152)
  • GUI: make transaction hash selactable (#1196)
  • close connections with peers that have no supported protocol (#1181)
  • sync: check the start block request height (#1176)
  • config: load logger levels in Mainnet config (#1168)
  • gRPC: pactus swagger not found (#1163)
  • add error type for invalid configs (#1153)
  • save Mainnet config with inline comments (#1143)
  • network: set deadline for streams (#1149)
  • grpc: fix error 404 on grpc gateway (#1144)
  • wallet: checking args in history add (#1141)
  • gRPC: adding sign raw transaction API to gateway (#1116)
  • sync: fix concurrent map read-write crash (#1112)
  • network: remove disconnected peers from peerMgr (#1110)
  • network: set dial and accept limit in connection gater (#1089)
  • stderr logger in windows os (#1081)
  • sync: improve syncing process (#1087)
  • network: redefine resource limits (#1086)


  • sync: improve syncing process (#1207)
  • move fee calculation logic to execution package (#1195)
  • introduce Amount data type for converting PAC units (#1174)
  • using PAC instead of atomic units for external input/outputs (#1161)
  • change func() to cancel func type (#1142)

You can find the full list of changes on Github, as well as the source code