Mainnet announcement

The much-awaited Mainnet Launch of The Pactus Blockchain is finally here! On January 24, 2024, at 20:24:00 UTC, the first block, known as the Genesis block, will be minted by four Bootstrap validators. After that, every 10 seconds, a new block will be added to the blockchain. Each block contains the committed transactions in the network. The block finality in the Pactus blockchain is immediate. It means that there is no need to wait for block confirmation to ensure a transaction is committed.

Later, more than 2000 community validators will secure the blockchain and make it decentralized. These validators are Testnet participants who helped test Pactus during our testing period. The community validators will receive the initial staking coins from a Discord Bot named RoboPac.

To ensure everything works smoothly on the Mainnet, three different Testnets ( Testnet0, Testnet1, and Testnet2) have been run.

The Mainnet will never be stopped or interrupted by the core developers of Pactus, and validators should primarily participate in and maintain the security of the blockchain.