500 validators joined Testnet

For a Proof of Stake blockchain, validators are important for maintaining the network’s integrity and security. They are similar to miners in Proof of Work blockchains like Bitcoin.

Pactus as a real Proof of Stake blockchain, has achieved a significant milestone. More than 500 validators joined the Testnet in less than 2 months. This accomplishment proves that Pactus is reliable, resilient, and trustworthy. More importantly, it sets new standards in the blockchain world. In fact, the Pactus Testnet is even more decentralized than some well-known blockchains.

500 validators of Testnet

One key reason why Pactus can accommodate more validators is its powerful consensus mechanism. The consensus mechanism in Pactus eliminates the need for delegation, making it possible for anyone to become a validator. Additionally, the user-friendly application ensures that even those new to blockchain can easily contribute to the network.

What is the next

To remain competitive in the market, Pactus recognizes the importance of prioritizing user space. We aim to ensure that running Pactus is affordable and accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical expertise or available resources.

To achieve this, the Pactus team constantly monitors network, storage, and computational usage, striving to keep them at minimal levels. By doing so, we enable more individuals to participate in the Pactus blockchain.

Currently, the Pactus team is working on optimizing and reducing network usage. This effort will lead to reduced costs, especially for users who are using home internet connections.

Furthermore, we are planning to introduce a pruning mode, allowing users to run the Pactus blockchain with significantly less storage. Although we believe the storage size is already small, our goal is to enable users to retain only the most recent blockchain history. This approach ensures that the blockchain size remains as compact as possible by disregarding some history of the blockchain.