Testnet-1 launch announcement


The Pactus blockchain Testnet-1 is now available for participation. This version simulates the Mainnet environment and evaluate the system’s performance, stability, and security in a controlled environment. The primary goal of this version of Testnet is to determine the efficient and secure committee size for the Mainnet.

Key Aspects

  • Simulating the Mainnet environment
  • Determining the actual block creation time
  • Assessing the staking mechanism and consensus protocol
  • Evaluating network usage under different loads
  • Evaluating the syncing process for new nodes joining the network
  • Ensuring network stability with over 1000 validators
  • Evaluating transaction performance
  • Conducting stress tests
  • Performing security tests, including double spend attacks, Sybil attacks (nodes with different identities), and forking resistance

Joining Testnet-1

To join the Testnet, download Pactus software version 0.10.0 and connect to Testnet without any special configuration or hardware. You can run the software on your personal computer or laptop. To acquire test coins, visit the Discord channel and provide your validator address.

Benefits for Participation

By taking part in the Testnet, users can familiarize themselves with the Pactus blockchain and be well-prepared for the Mainnet launch. Testnet participants will also receive higher priority during the Mainnet launch and get free coins for initial staking on the Mainnet.

Your Feedback Matters

User feedback plays a vital role in the improvement of the Pactus blockchain. Share your thoughts and experiences to contribute to the enhancement of future software versions.