Dev meeting 18 September 2022

Meeting Summary

Discussion about TestNet

We discussed about the testnet and some related issues:

-IP block issues found by Hadi. Because of sanctions some IPs are blocked. We run a support node to support users inside Iran

-The GUI application had some issues on Windows. They are fixed and tested by Hadi.

Discussion about Website

Website still has some issues:

  • Animation needs to rename to Pactus
  • We need a logo. Some logos are suggested by the community.
  • The road map page is missed.

Status of social medias

Status of social-medias was discussed:

  • Discord: 70 members
  • Instagram: 87 followers
  • Telegram: 20 followers
  • Linkedin: 20 followers
  • Twitter: Not yet

Project announcement

We decided to announce the project on 29 September on the social-medias.

Consensus parameters

We discussed the consensus parameters. The consensus parameters are going to be set like below for the main-net:

  • Total supply: 21 million coins
  • Reward: 1 coin per block
  • Block time: 10 second
  • Committee size: 21 members
  • Bond Interval: one hour
  • Unbond interval: 21 days
  • Fee fraction: 0.0001
  • Min fee: 0.0000001
  • Max fee: 0.01
  • Maximum stake: 12381