Dev meeting

Meeting Summary

The meeting took place on 18 September 2022, at 2:00 PM UTC via Google Meet, with team members from different time zones joining to discuss key aspects of the Pactus project.

Discussion about Testnet

The team discussed Testnet and related issues, including IP block issues that were found by Hadi. Due to sanctions, some IPs are blocked, so the team will run a support node to assist users inside Iran. The GUI application had some issues on Windows, but they were fixed and tested by Hadi.

Discussion about Website

The website still has some issues, such as the need to rename the animation to “Pactus” and the lack of a logo. The community suggested some logos. Additionally, the roadmap page is missing.

Status of social medias

The team discussed the status of social media platforms, including:

  • Discord: 70 members
  • Instagram: 87 followers
  • Telegram: 20 followers
  • Linkedin: 20 followers
  • Twitter: Not yet

The team also decided to announce the project on social media on 29 September.

Consensus parameters

The team discussed the current consensus parameters:

  • Total supply: 21 million coins
  • Reward: 1 coin per block
  • Block time: 10 second
  • Committee size: 21 members
  • Bond interval: one hour
  • Unbond interval: 21 days
  • Fee fraction: 0.0001
  • Min fee: 0.0000001
  • Max fee: 0.01
  • Maximum stake: 12381