Dev meeting

Meeting Summary

The meeting took place on 29 August 2022, at 2:00 PM UTC via Google Meet, with team members from different time zones joining to discuss key aspects of the Pactus project.

Project renamed to Pactus

During the last meeting, the team conducted an online survey to rename the project. A total of 31 responses were received, and the following names were suggested:

Name Votes
Sirius 11
Pactus 10
Nova 7
Texo 6
Zemus 6
Helios 6
Tutti 5
Haki 5
Aegeus 4
Virgo 4
Zentora 3
Zinova 3
Xerxes 2
Ledgeria 2
Solidus 2
Welt 2
Ventura 2
Zebra 2
Miranet 2
Monetha 2
FutureHub 1
Muonet 1
Mentha 1
Hypatios 0
Chaintopia 0
Sycee 0
Lepus 0

After reviewing the responses, the team chose “Pactus” as the new name for the project. 🎉 The project will be moved to “pactus-project/pactus,” and the team plans to announce it on social media.

Discussion on GUI

In terms of the GUI, Joseph suggested using Flutter, and the team agreed. To interact with the wallet, gRPC APIs will be provided, and the GUI will use these APIs.