How to use and interact with Pactus Testnet (Phoenix)?


Pactus Blockchain has introduced a Test network called Phoenix for developers and users to test their software utilizing Pactus technology. This guide will demonstrate how to connect and interact with Phoenix using official Pactus software designed for the main network.


To get started, download and extract the Pactus software here. Once you have downloaded and extracted the Pactus software file, you can proceed to the next step.

Phoenix Network

Pactus offers three distinct genesis block types for mainnet, testnet, and localnet (used for developing a dev environment). The genesis type is defined within your Pactus working directory and wallet file once it has been created or initialized. Subsequent commands will automatically determine the network type based on this information, eliminating the need to specify the network being used.

CLI Softwares

To interact with phoenix using wallet, daemon CLI, there is a flag called --testnet provided on all CLI softwares.

./pactus-wallet create --testnet
./pactus-daemon init --testnet
pactus-wallet.exe create --testnet
pactus-daemon.exe init --testnet

You can use this flag for recover command as well.

Wallet Address

Pactus addresses have pc HRP on Mainnet and a tpc HRP on testnet. Addresses with pc prefix are invalid on Testnet. on testnet.

You can check pip-8 for more details on Pactus address.

GUI Node and Wallet

Pactus also offers a GUI to run a node, if you want to use GUI as a testnet node you have to run it with the same flag in your terminal.

./pactus-gui --testnet
pactus-gui.exe --testnet


As it’s mentioned, the rest of work will be handled by the software which read the network type from wallet file and working directory. the rest of the commands and instructions can be found in mainnet docs.

When you make multiple wallets and nodes, you may get conflicts with old wallet file or working directories. You have to specify a new path for them using --path flag or just remove the old one.