Pactus records its IPs in IPMINTER


In our continuous pursuit of innovation, the recording of our intellectual property is the cornerstone philosophy of Pactus. Yet, we found traditional patenting methods to be a slow and expensive hurdle. That is… until we discovered IPMINTER!

Pactus profile in IPMINTER

We are ecstatic to announce that the blockchain-based platform by IPMINTER has revolutionized the way we secure our creations.

Gone are the days of lengthy processes and hefty fees. With IPMINTER, registering our intellectual property on the blockchain was a cakewalk – accomplished in a mere 10 minutes! Plus, the moment we received our exquisite certificate, complete with a QR code directly linking to our secure blockchain entry, our confidence in this platform soared.

Our journey with IPMINTER didn’t end there, it became our trusted ally in the ongoing mission to protect our inventive proposals. The assurance we’ve experienced using their platform has been unparalleled.

We’re proud to share our story and to recommend IPMINTER to those on a quest for a straightforward, economical, and robust IP recording solution. They have our heartfelt endorsement!

Join us in embracing the future of IP management with IPMINTER. Record what’s yours, the smart way!