Story of Testnet-0

Testnet is a testing environment where developers and users can try out the functionality of a blockchain project, without putting real assets or data at risk. It helps to ensure that the final product is reliable and secure for users to use. If you like to read more about the Testnet you can check out our post on “What is Testnet?”.

In September 2022, we released our first Testnet. The purpose of this Testnet was to check the consensus protocol, test different transaction types, and ensure the stability of the blockchain. We also wanted to test the sortition algorithm to make sure it works properly.

The committee for the Testnet was set to five validators, and more than 19 validators joined during the Testnet period. Over 2 million blocks were created, and more than 3.2 million transactions were processed during this time. The size of the blockchain is approximately 1 gigabyte. The maximum number of transactions recorded in a single block was 386. With a block time of 10 seconds, we can confirm that Pactus blockchain can support up to 30 transactions per second (TPS), which is a reasonable number for TPS. Based on real-time statistics available at realtps, we can see that Pactus is among the top 10 blockchains in terms of TPS.

At this point, the development team decided to end the Testnet-0 and move on to the next one, Testnet-1 or pre-launch Testnet. We are planning to run the Testnet-1 to prepare for the MainNet launch. During this phase, we will set all blockchain parameters to match with the MainNet. We will provide updates on our progress and share the details of the new Testnet soon.

As promised, participants in Testnet-0 will be given priority as validators for the MainNet, and will receive bounty tokens from the bootstrap accounts to set up their validator. We are grateful to all those who participated in Testnet-0, and we encourage them to join our next Testnet to help us improve Pactus. As a community-based project, we rely on the support of our community members, and we value any help we receive.

Here you can see the list of validators address in Testnet-0:

1.  tpc1pn36vqtwrn67q8ahmldw9cgncywx37hy3m2glpa (bootstrap)
2.  tpc1pln2axgkfnehl6lh2ssnycf6vkhfsfs88xmm0h0 (bootstrap)
3.  tpc1p352uagw7qfpewk5w8jd27dpgrtchmky8eaw86t (bootstrap)
4.  tpc1pel9syvjretjc5v4zvlxnncgepx64m4ukfjy5lp (bootstrap)
5.  tpc1pjcak29tvuwv7xhpvc6mk9dv952p9u0u9dzjj02
6.  tpc1pj3kjtc0a2wqquzryy3skx29jf4du7dl3f9dj2p
7.  tpc1p8rhrjrzslafcpxrwgr3a4v83ye2x25rup5msh5
8.  tpc1pl736mztxdk5jz7fxtkdx3lyl42svpejshyj2su
9.  tpc1pnx8zgyu6p4ye0ryylzgxg0nj9ydpm0fysff76j
10. tpc1py9mdt9phsvw3m9l8eemx6zwnh8xmvhqk6qpusj
11. tpc1pdflq8su0wtlppn6ykduqvn0ruetwf7az7r6qn8
12. tpc1pd3y0xyuuqzweqx550l044c62pd399xxjfl42hq
13. tpc1pszggnnzpasppfxagqpcft6k8xx9w6cetcpcarw
14. tpc1p2p9xua6dds3xg8rrpy8trf08afy3xnlfxwks6v
15. tpc1p9da73ajf3jlh75stmv4wspxt3fqmxm45v06xml
16. tpc1p70cfsrru04xwjxlwu5lu8tgljmzz29qrkp5e0c
17. tpc1pamcepn3gunhjsg7ver7y9p2tghfmapy0rnmcer
18. tpc1perfvr9jhx7rj2nyse5vz92y0n0gtg4683c45tc
19. tpc1pjfmsteq2dsxd5jzly5m4m85efvs4ydnk5twr7a
20. tpc1p05qagq6mk5agcgpxsclunhahudqdx58wn3sgnn
21. tpc1p6dahzkvwttgvv0nmz5sk7ngvvrqu72nh6vl7aq
22. tpc1p46fn7s48upfazqnxnjmmnqehluuc5cf3y6krz5
23. tpc1pkmnuul4ghmgvd5s3nrenu7p63gc7a0heg5evvq